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NASA Lands a Space on Monopoly
Rent, own or build a community at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Deed title price: $1.8 million.

By popular vote, the Johnson Space Center landed a space in the classic property trading game of Monopoly.

During a modern makeover of the game, Hasbro—the parent company of Monopoly—offered the public a chance to vote on current day iconic locations to be represented in its “Here and Now” edition.

America voted, and the people’s choice granted the center a property space on the board. JSC was one of three Houston-area locations, winning 79 percent of the vote ahead of Houston’s museum district and the Kemah Boardwalk.

NASA‘s Johnson Space Center received more votes than nine of the 21 other major cities including Dallas, Atlanta and Miami.

The Saturn V rocket now inhabits the space that replaced Tennessee Avenue, spotlighting NASA’s space center in Houston.