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    Shuttle Endeavour Available for Viewing in Houston

    JSC2012-E-216066 -- Space shuttle Endeavour atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

    The space shuttle Endeavour, atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flies over the Johnson Space Center, Houston, prior to its landing and stopover at nearby Ellington Field on Sept. 19, 2012. Photo credit: NASA
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    Ellington Field parking map

    Parking map and instructions for Ellington Field access
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    Space shuttle Endeavour

    Space shuttle Endeavour lands June 1, 2011, at Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the final time. Credit: NASA
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    Space shuttle Endeavour is available for public viewing Wednesday, Sept. 19, until 9 p.m. CDT at Ellington Field in Houston. Endeavour will depart Ellington at sunrise Thursday, Sept. 20, to continue on its way to Los Angeles for permanent display.

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    On Wednesday morning, the SCA/Endeavour combo flew approximately 1,500 feet above various areas of Houston, Clear Lake and Galveston - including JSC - before landing at Ellington.

    › View video of landing and interview with retired astronaut Mark Kelly

    NASA also will provide updates on Endeavour's cross-country flight via social media using the hashtags #SpotTheShuttle and #OV105. You can follow who sees Endeavour, and post your sighting, in real time at:!/search/%23spottheshuttle

    After landing at Ellington, Endeavour came to a stop near the NASA Hangar 990 pedestrian gate. The public will be able to view the aircraft and Endeavour from as close as 100 feet away starting about 30 minutes after it is parked. Public viewing will continue until 9 p.m. Wednesday. Endeavour's departure from Ellington is planned for about sunrise on Thursday, Sept. 20.

    JSC civil service employees are encouraged to participate in this NASA-sponsored activity as recognition for your many contributions to the Space Shuttle Program and incentive for safely and successfully furthering NASA's mission. Participation during your normal duty hours is considered work time recordable to your normal charge codes. This includes transit time between Ellington and your regular work site using a reasonably direct route. You must coordinate with your supervisor to discuss which day and hours are acceptable for participation, while ensuring that work deadlines and organizational objectives remain supported without resulting in overtime, premium pay, comp or credit time. JSC contractors are asked to check with their own company's policy. Employees and the general public may park at Ellington Field to witness the landing, view the shuttle or watch the takeoff (approximately 7 a.m. on Sept. 20). Please note: Hangar 990 itself will NOT be open to employees or the public during the viewing days.

    Point of contact: JSC External Relations, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, x35111

    If the flight must be postponed for any reason, an additional notice will be released.

    For more information about NASA's transfer of space shuttles to museums, visit:

    For information about NASA and agency programs, visit:

Spot the Shuttle

    Follow the progress of Endeavour's cross-country flight and join the conversation via the #SpotTheShuttle hashtag on Twitter.

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