• The Project Morpheus lander

    Project Morpheus Lander

    Engineers at Johnson Space Center began work in July of 2010 on the Morpheus lander – a testbed for new technologies that a vehicle intended to land on the moon, an asteroid or even Mars would need.

  • jsc2003e62444 -- Robonaut


    In the future a humanoid robot called Robonaut may be able to work side-by-side with spacewalking astronauts or even go where the environment is too risky for humans. Robonaut can work autonomously or while operated by a person from inside the spacecraft.

  • Technology Transfer

    Technology Transfer  →

    Learn more about licensing opportunities and small business research and development programs, receive technology assistance and tap into some of the most technologically advanced resources in the United States at NASA.

  • Hypervelocity Impact Technology Facility

    Hypervelocity Impact Technology Facility  →

    The Hypervelocity Impact Technology Facility, or HITF, tests many materials and spacebound items for their susceptibility to micrometeoroid impact and develops ways to make them stronger and more resistant to damage.

  • Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory

    Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory  →

    The Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory, or ASPL, is developing a new type of rocket technology, the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket. This plasma rocket drive is powered by electrical energy that heats the propellant.

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  • STS-123 crew

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