• Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle ground test article

    Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle

    The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is being designed and tested to go further than we’ve ever gone, and JSC is part of the effort.

  • jsc2003e62444 -- Robonaut


    JSC provides research and development facilities for engineering, robotics, nanotechnology and advanced propulsion. Many other fields are also studied here at JSC.

  • jsc2004e55653 -- Heat shield

    Heat Shield Testing at JSC

    Engineers at Johnson Space Center are pushing the limits at the center's facility for testing materials that may be used on heat shields for next-generation spaceships.

  • jsc2005e405 -- Stardust delivery

    Stardust Team Prepares for Return of Science Canister

    The Stardust Curation Team prepares for the arrival of comet particles.

  • iss013e49639 -- Human spaceflight

    Human Space Flight  →

    JSC's team of dedicated professionals manages the development, testing, production and delivery of all U.S. human spacecraft, and all human spacecraft-related functions. Visit NASA's Human Space Flight to learn about the space shuttle and International Space Station.

  • Genesis

    Genesis  →

    Learn about the Genesis mission and JSC's role in this scientific research.

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    JSC Multimedia

    What are NASA's policies for utilizing JSC multimedia for personal or professional use? Find JSC video and imagery. Browse among online galleries or call the Media Resource Center for more resources.