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JSC Employees Help in Katrina Relief Efforts
Some opened their homes to victims of the storm. Others helped with evacuation of the sick and injured. Employees at NASA's Johnson Space Center helped those affected by Hurricane Katrina in a variety of ways.

Medical personnel wait to transport patientsImage to left: Medical personnel wait to transport patients being evacuated from New Orleans off a military cargo plane parked in front of NASA Aircraft Operations Hangar 990 at Ellington Field, Houston. Credit: NASA

More than 350 employees have volunteered space in their homes to house NASA and contractor workers who have been displaced by the storm. Some NASA facilities, including Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis, Miss., are in areas affected by the storm.

An emergency operations center at JSC is taking calls from NASA coworkers in those areas seeking shelter and coordinating their placement with Johnson Space Center employees and in homes of workers at other NASA centers around the country.

Ellington Field, HoustonImage to right: Ellington Field, Houston, has been used as a triage location this week for medical patients evacuated by air from New Orleans to pass through on their way to Houston-area medical facilities. Credit: NASA

The center's Aircraft Operations has been helping the Veterans' Administration and other agencies with evacuation of patients from the storm-ravaged areas. NASA's aircraft Hangar 990 at Ellington Field in Houston is a triage location for patients evacuated by air and awaiting ground transportation to Houston medical facilities.

Planes from the center have airlifted equipment to the NASA facilities damaged by the storm.

A food drive at the Johnson Space CenterImage at left: A food drive at the Johnson Space Center has been filling trucks bound for the Houston Food Bank to assist evacuees in the Houston area.

Johnson Space Center employees are donating food, money and time to relief efforts in the community. Food is being gathered at the center for evacuees. The donations will be taken to the Houston Food Bank for distribution. Money is being collected and employees are volunteering their time to help in shelters around Houston.

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