Johnson Events

  • JSC Speakers Bureau

    Speakers Bureau

    The JSC Speakers Bureau is composed of various personnel, excluding astronauts, who represent the Center as speakers to civic, professional, and educational organizations when time and circumstances permit.

  • JSC Exhibits Program

    JSC Exhibits Program

    JSC operates an active traveling exhibits program whereby exhibits, displays, spacecraft models, spacesuits and various space artifacts are made available for use by organizations and museums.

Related NASA Sites

  • JSC Features  →

    Read the latest news stories about people and events at the Johnson Space Center.

  • Space Center Roundup  →

    The Roundup is published monthly by JSC Public Affairs and provided to center employees.

  • Employee Activities Association  →

    The Starport Employee Activities Association (EAA) sponsors and hosts events for JSC employees, contractors, and their families.

  • Star Parties  →

    Star Parties are an important part of the amateur astronomy scene. These events attract hundreds, even thousands of enthusiasts, offering the chance to see planets, seasonal constellations, deep sky objects and the Moon. And now the International Space Station is sometimes visible in the night sky.


2012 Day of Remembrance

2012 Day of Remembrance

NASA's Day of Remembrance, Jan. 26, 2012 is in memory of those men and women who lost their lives in the quest for space exploration.

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Mission Control Named for Legendary Flight Director

jsc2011e036649: Christopher Kraft

NASA is recognizing Christopher C. Kraft, Jr., America's first human space mission flight director, by naming the Mission Control Center in his honor.

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  • Apollo 40 Years

    Apollo 40 Years

    On April 11, 1970, Apollo 13 lifted off for the moon with Commander Jim Lovell, Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert and Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise aboard. Please join us as we celebrate this historic milestone with events around the Houston area.

  • NASA aircraft at Wings Over Houston

    Wings Over Houston  →

    NASA's aircraft and astronauts are big hits at the Wings Over Houston airshow.

  • Ballunar Fest 2004

    Ballunar Fest  →

    The annual Ballunar Liftoff Festival, held on the grounds at JSC, is a treat for the eyes.

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