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1/15 Scale Rotating Space Shuttle Orbiter
A 1/15 scale rotating space shuttle orbiter
1/15 Scale
Space Shuttle Orbiter
Features the Orbiter portion of America’s Space Transportation System. The manned aircraft-like space vehicle is used to carry a wide variety of payloads into Earth orbit, return to Earth, and be used again and again. The large payload bay of the Orbiter measures 15 feet wide by 60 feet long and may transport up to 65,000 pounds into space.

An 8-foot-long, rotating Orbiter model with a hexagonal pictorial and informational base.

Assembled dimensions: 14’ diameter x 8’ high.

Value for insurance purposes $10,370.00
Shipping 3 crates (1 @ 106" x 41" x 33", 580 lbs., 1 @ 99" x 51" x 48", 780 lbs. and 1 @ 70" x 31" x 32", 310 lbs.) total weight 1,670 lbs.
Animation Rotating model
Labor/Time 3 persons, 2 hours
Equipment/Tools A forklift is required for the loading and unloading of this exhibit. Screwdriver, pliers, 7/16" socket and open-end wrenches
Electrical 120 volts, 60 cycles, 15 amps
Minimum door opening 55 inches wide
Setup instructions provided