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Apollo EMU Spacesuit in Octagonal Case
Apollo EMU Spacesuit
Apollo EMU
Astronauts who walked on the Moon during the Apollo program (1969-1972) wore multi-layered suits designed for comfort, utility, and protection from the harsh environment of space. Special outer gloves, boots and helmet were also needed. A life support backpack was worn to provide cooling, oxygen and communications for the suited astronaut.

Encased, self standing suited mannequin with backpack and caption.

Display dimensions: 44" diameter x 88".

Value for insurance purposes $5,185.00
Shipping 1 crate (47" x 46" x 90"), total weight 554 lbs.
Labor/Time 2 persons, 30 minutes
Equipment/Tools Forklift or hand truck
Electrical 120 volts, 60 cycles, 10 amps.
Minimum door opening 49 inches wide x 94 inches high
Setup instructions provided.