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An astronaut and cosmonaut crew Astronauts pose for a picture in front of space shuttle Discovery Spacecraft communicatio in the Mission Control Center is the responsibility of astronauts Astronauts check out a trainer in Star City, Russia
Astronauts Astronauts are specially selected people chosen from various fields and backgrounds ranging from military and civilian pilots to physicians and scientist. This collection of 25 photographs and corresponding captions depict the men and women who make-up the Astronaut Corp.

A collection of 25 framed and matted photographs with captions.

Assembled dimensions: 16" x 20" framed

Value for insurance purposes $518.45
Shipping 1 case (39" x 22" x 24"), total weight 136 lbs.
Labor/Time Varies depending on exhibition plan
Equipment/Tools 4-foot stepladder
Electrical none
Minimum door opening 26 inches wide