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International Space Station
A close-up view of the ISS A Russian Progress supply spacecraft The American-built Quest airlock A close-up of part of solar arrays
International Space Station In late 1998 the first Russian and American space station elements were placed into Earth orbit and docked. These 22 framed photographs with captions will help you become familiar with the international space station and our human presence as it was assembled and inhabited in orbit.

A collection of 22 framed and matted photographs with captions providing an overview of the international space station.

Assembled dimensions: 16" x 20" framed

Value for insurance purposes $566.19
Shipping 1 case (39" x 25" x 24"), total weight 172 lbs.
Labor/Time Varies depending on exhibition plan
Equipment/Tools 4-foot stepladder
Electrical none
Minimum door opening 26 inches wide