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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Robotics & Simulation

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    Johnson Space Center Engineering offers a variety of capabilities to conceive, develop, adapt, infuse, and sustain intelligent systems, robotics systems, and real-time simulation systems within the programs and tasks assigned to the center.

    Our software, robotics, and simulation teams perform a broad set of activities across its technical domain area including technology and advanced development tasks; flight experiment development; flight and ground hardware and software development and supply; program support track tasks including analysis, simulation, test and verification; and crew training; for the purposes of improving system and program capability, operability, reliability, safety, and life cycle costs.


    • Robotics
    • Human Machine Interaction
    • Mobility Systems
    • Manipulation

Robotics & Simulation Facilities

  • Robonaut 2

    Dexterous Robotics Laboratory

    Highly reconfigurable facility used to develop highly advanced robotics systems such as Robonaut.

  • Dexterous Manipulator Testbed (DMT)

    Dexterous Manipulator Testbed

    Two six-joint, hydraulic manipulators mounted on a seven foot high pedestal designed to grasp and precisely position small payloads of up to 240lbs for task specific, close-in work site operations concentrating on hardware.

  • Multi-Use Remote Manipulator Development

    Multi-Use Remote Manipulator Development

    Large model following motion platform that is hydraulically actuated and computer controlled. Designed to grapple and maneuver payloads of 500lbs or less at the end of a 60 foot long robotic arm.

  • Systems Engineering Simulator

    Systems Engineering Simulator

    A reconfigurable cockpit mockup located within a 24-foot-diameter hemispherical dome, upon which one continuous image is projected, that allows crewmembers and engineers to perform tests, evaluations, or training in a controlled cockpit environment while able to view a modeled external environment through the windows.

  • Virtual Reality Laboratory

    Virtual Reality Laboratory

    Immersive training facility that provides real time graphics and motion simulators integrated with a tendon-driven robotic device to provide the kinesthetic sensation of the mass and inertia characteristics of any large object.

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