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    Machining CentersMachining Centers
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center Engineering provides state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture, fabrication and assembly of developmental, test, and flight hardware, heavy machine manufacturing and assembly services (sheet metal, welding, and electrical), heat-treating services, metal finishing, painting, and clean room, modeling, nonmetallic and composite manufacturing, soft goods/fabrics, and measurement and inspection, production management & control, purchasing, inventory management & control.

Manufacturing Capabilities


    Provides assorted CNC and manual milling machines, assorted CNC and manual lathes, and 3 assorted CNC Electrical Discharge Machining Centers. These machines provide the ability to produce machined parts from a wide range of materials to a maximum size of x 120", y 55", z 24". The most precision machines have a +- repeatability of .0001 with positional accuracy +- .0002.


    Welders certified in AWS B2.1 - MIG, TIG, Pulse MIG and Stick. Qualifications supported in GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and silver brazing. Additional expertise in plasma cutting, arc gouging and track burning is available.

    JSC Engineering Maunufacturing Photo credit: NASA


    Full sheet metal fabrication department consists of a 100 ton Strippet LVD CNC press brake, 23 ton manual press brake, 2 water knife machines with maximum capacity of 70" x 120" up to 3" thick for steel and 4" for aluminum. Also, provides shears, HEM saws and heat treating capabilities and maintains assembly skills to support flight and non flight assemblies.

    Friction Stir Welding

    Provided with a CNC controlled 5-axis machine with 7 degrees of freedom. Its' work envelope is 25"x40"x80". Similar and dissimilar materials, ferrous and non ferrous materials can be joined. R&D is available.

    JSC Engineering Manufacturing Photo credit: NASA Softgoods

    Ten sewing machines and skilled technicians are available to support prototyping, engineering development and flight production. Our work includes tool caddies, holders, covers, multi layer insulation (MLI), MMOD ballistic debris shields, thermal covers/containers, IVA blankets, covers, cushions and expandable structures.

    Metal Cleaning

    We support a fully equipped metal clean and finish department consisting of chemical cleaning/degreasing operations, ultra sonic and vapor cleaning processes.

    Metal Finishing

    Environmentally controlled area provides 26-30"x24"x60" process tanks, type 2 anodizing tanks and part processing up to 300 pounds. Permits chemical conversion coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloys, anodize type 2 class I & II MIL-A-8625F and class 1A & class III MIL-C-5541E. Spray booths allow applying corrosive protection with paints, lacquers and lubricants.

    Clean Room

    Clean RoomClean Room
    Photo credit: NASA
    Supports a Class 1000 Precision Clean Room with certified technicians. Our processes include VC, VC-UV, VC-HS, Precision levels 50-1000 and Non Voltaire Residue (NVR). Our cleaning media is ultrapure DI water and HFE 7100.

    Non-Metallic Capabilities

    Models and plastics department consists of 2 autoclaves for curing epoxies and resins up to 7' x 16' with temperatures to 600F and pressure/vacuum to 30psi, 4 ovens up to 5'x8'x6' for bake outs with temperature up to 600F, and 2 paint booths as large as 256 sq. ft. in capacity. Numerous hand and bench tools and trained technicians are available to support R&D, engineering development, flight and non flight projects.

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