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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Life Support Systems & Enviromental Control

    Life Support SystemsHabitats
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center Engineering is the world leader in human spaceflight for space suits, extravehicular activity, environmental control, and regenerations systems. Space suits are unique because they are miniature, customized spacecraft. Providing protection, mobility, and life support to the crew during spacewalks is a requirement that all space suits must meet.

    Experience has given us unique knowledge in the areas of air quality, potable water, urine monitoring, regenerative fluids, and hygiene activities. This knowledge supports human spacecraft design, space-system hardware design, flight-like simulation and testing of extravehicular activity hardware and operations, thermal systems hardware, environmental control systems, and integrated systems testing in pressures ranging from vacuum to one atmosphere.


    • Space Suits
    • Extra Vehicular Activity
    • Regeneration
    • Waste Management
    • Habitats

Life Support Systems & Environmental Control Facilities

Life Support Systems & Environmental Control Hardware

  • Cold Stowage Bag

    Crew and Payload Equipment

    The Coldbag is designed to carry scientific samples or canisters at controlled temperatures.

  • Space Suits

    Space Suits

    JSC is the world leader in design, development, testing & verification, and implementation of space suit and launch & entry suit hardware.

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