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Crew and Payload Equipment

    Cold Stowage BagColdbag
    Photo credit: NASA


    The Coldbag is designed to carry scientific samples or canisters at controlled temperatures. The Coldbag is a rectangular shaped, highly insulated, stowage bag, incorporating insulated walls. Coldbag utilizes preconditioned phase change material (i.e. solid-liquid phase change material inserts) that melt over time to absorb heat from the environment in order to maintain the required temperature. The inside of the sample compartment will be lined with the phase change materials, intended to surround the scientific specimen(s). The Double Coldbag is a 1 MLE bag designed to carry larger payloads. The design utilizes PCM as the cooling method. The Icepac and Ice Brick system can provide the necessary PCM and is compatible with the Double Coldbag

    Ice Bricks

    The Ice Bricks and Icepacs consists of various fluids that are encapsulated in a high-density polyethylene capsule. They store latent heat energy, which is absorbed or released during a phase change (between liquid and solid state). The Ice Bricks and Icepacs are designed to fit into a variety of existing and planned cold stowage systems. The temperature ranges for the Icepacs and Ice Bricks are color coded so as not be confused with other temperatures. Ice Bricks consist of 2 rectangular shape capsules, housed in a nomex pouch. Icepacs are cylindrically shaped, and there are 8 per belt.

    Ice Brick Natural Natural Ice Brick Assembly, +4°C
    Icebrick Blue Blue Ice Brick Assembly, -26°C
    Ice Brick Green Green

    Ice Brick Assembly, -32°C



    Assembly size: 14” x 6.28” x 1.5”, 1.21 kg

    Ice Pack Orange Orange

    # SEG33118113-305

    –16°C Icepac Capsule (orange)

    Ice Pack White White

    # SEG33118113-317

    0°C Icepac Capsule (white)

    Ice Pack Pink Pink

    # SEG33118113-325

    –32°C Icepac Capsule (pink)

    Ice Pack Neutral Neutral

    # SEG33118113-327

    +4°C Icepac Capsule (neutral)

    Icepack Maroon Maroon

    # SEG33118113-329

    –19°C Icepac Capsule (maroon)


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