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Gas Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry: Sub-scale Flow Bench

    Sub-scale Flow BenchPhoto credit: NASA

    The Sub-scale Flow Bench is a multi-purpose test stand for evaluating sub-scale air revitalization technologies. There are five main areas of testing services available:

    • Gas Analysis
      Qualitative and quantitative analyses of trace components such as Freons, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium in the ppm range.
      Capability for percent concentration range analyses of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium with portable equipment.
    • Moisture Measurements
      Moisture may be measured in gas systems with pressures as high as 5000 psig and concentrations as low as a ppm.
    • Identification
      A wide range of polymers, lubricants, solvents, and other chemicals may be identified.
    • Contamination Analysis
      Volatile contaminants, such as freons or hydrocarbons, may be identified and quantified.
    • Testing
      Apparatus for various forms of testing, such as odor, off-gassing, and carbon dioxide absorption is available.

    Spcecifications and Capabilities

    • Facility Air, CO2, GN2 supplied at 100 psig, regulated down to 5 psig.
    • Air flow rate up to 46 SLPM at pressures up to 5 psig.
    • CO2 flow rate up to 49 ml/min.
    • Scroll pump vacuum capability down to 0.04 torr with water vapor.
    • Bubbler for humidity control/source up to 100%.
    • Trace gas capability, with flow rates up to 18 ml/min.
    • All flow rates can be modified with change-out of rotometer flow tubes.
    • Can be connected to the FTIR for gas sampling analysis of non-diatomic gas species.

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