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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Air Revitalization Technology Evaluation Facility

    Air Revitalization Evaluation FacilityPhoto credit: NASA

    The Air Revitalization Technology Evaluation Facility (ARTEF) is a test facility for evaluating air revitalization technology in the functional areas of CO2 Removal, CO2 Reduction, O2 generation, Trace Contaminant Control. The test facility has the capability to accommodate several independent test articles simultaneously, as well as integrated hardware evaluations of multiple components. The facility can accommodate end-to-end operation and long term testing of integrated AR subsystems. The facility provides gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), and oxygen (O2). Multiple vent lines and a deionized water source are available. For safety purposes, an Emergency Management System (EMS) with alarms and power kill functions in the event of high hydrogen or oxygen detection is also included in the facility.

    The facility includes a 10 foot chamber that can be used as a control volume for mixing of product gases from various test articles. The chamber has two sections; the airlock (entrance to the chamber) and the main chamber. The chamber has a non-condensing heat exchanger and chiller cart to control the temperature and humidity level of the mixing volume environment. A human metabolic simulator is also available to simulate primary humidity and CO2effects between one and six persons in the enclosed atmosphere. The two sections of the chamber are instrumented with CO2, O2, temperature, and pressure sensors, as well as dew point analyzers.

    The facility contains a data acquisition and control system (DAC). The DAC can be used to simply retrieve data from a test article or code can be written to operate hardware. The DAC can also function as a high level controller to integrate multiple systems that operate on lower level, stand alone control systems.

    Given the proximity of the ARTEF to the Advanced Water Recovery System (AWRS) facility, integration with water recovery technologies, such as bioreactors, for processing of effluent gasses through a trace contaminate control system in ARTEF is possible.

    Facility Specifications:

    Electrical power:

    • 480VAC, single phase, 20 amps
    • 208VAC, single phase, three phase 15-30 amps
    • 120VAC, single phase 15-30 amps , GFCI
    • 5 thru 125 VDC (12kW) (ISS power)
    • Capability for incorporating 400 Hz
    • Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit (GFCI) can be provided as required

    Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control:

    • OPC compliant architecture
    • National Instruments Compact Fieldpoint I/O modules and PLC with Ethernet using LabVIEW software
    • UPS
    • Local & remote Ethernet access
    • ICONICS Genesis32 software

    On-site environmental chambers:

    • Airlock @ 19.2m 3 (678 ft 3), reduced pressure capable
    • Main Chamber @ 27.2 m 3 (962 ft 3)

    On-site Gas Analysis

    • Chromaticgraph/Mass Spec
    • Fourier Transfer InfraRed Spectrometer (gas, liquid, and solid analysis)
    • Real Time Gas Analzyer

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