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Titan Instrument

    Titan Guarded Hot PlateTitan Guarded Hot Plate
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Titan Instrument Guarded Hot Plate (GHP) 456 from NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH is the only unit world-wide completely fulfilling the latest standards (ISO 8302, ASTM C 177, DIN/EN12667). It is a vacuum tight guarded hot plate system with a new design integrating state of-the-art design, electronics and software. The GHP 456 Titan LT version is designed for low temperature applications (-160°C to 190°C).

    • Symmetric test configuration (2 samples)
    • Temperature range: -160°C to 190°C (LT-version)
    • Thermal conductivity range: 0-2 W/(mK)
    • Vacuum-tight by design (down to 10-5mbar)
    • Inert, oxidizing atmospheres or vacuum
    • High accuracy: better than 2% for sample thicknesses up to 100 mm
    • Plate dimensions: 300 mm (standard version)
    • Separately calibrated sheeted Pt-100 temperature sensors (29) for optimum temperature measurement
    • Fully compatible to ISO 8302, DIN/EN 12667, DIN/EN 12939, DIN/EN 13163, EN 15548, etc.

    Temperature Configurations:

    • With aluminum alloy plates for a maximum temperature range up to 190°C (e.g. for PU/PS-foam insulation producers)
    • The lowest mean sample temperature for all different versions depends on the cooling device:
      • Forced air: minimum 40°C
      • Refrigerated bath circulator: minimum 0°C
      • Liquid nitrogen cooling system: -160°C

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