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Mockup Development Facility

    Mockup FacilityMockup Development Facility
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Mockup Development Facility is utilized to develop low-to-medium fidelity full-scale mockups of space vehicles and habitats.  Mockups developed to date include a horizontal axis cylindrical habitat module, a toroidal habitat module, a lander translation tunnel test article, a descent stage mockup (partially complete), and—most recently—a vertical axis cylindrical habitat demonstration test article.  Testing of these mockups can be performed in place at the Building 220 facility or can, in some cases, be performed at analog field test sites or in reduced-gravity aircraft.

    Cylindrical Habitat Module

    Horizontal Axis Cylindrical Habitat Module

    • Full scale representation of a horizontal axis cylindrical habitat module
    • Three-port configuration
    • EVA porch and ramp
    • Used for low-to-medium fidelity outfitting studies
    Toroidal Habitat Module

    Toroidal Habitat Module

    • Full-scale solid-wall representation of an inflatable toroidal habitat module
    • Internal core cylinder represented
    • Floor hatch allows access to  lower-bay for outfitting and stowage evaluations
    • Used for low-to-medium fidelity outfitting studies
    Habitat Demonstration Unit

    Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU)

    • Medium fidelity full-scale representation of a vertical axis cylindrical habitat module
    • Four hatches
    • Airlock with EVA porch and ramp
    • External power interfaces
    • Readily reconfigurable for multiple element configurations
    • Provisions for supporting addition of an inflatable second story loft
    • Weatherproof construction
    • Designed for long-term field evaluations
    Habitat Testbed

    Habitat Testbed

    • Testbed for developing habitation avionics and software systems
    • Used extensively for evaluating habitat subsystem hardware
    • Serves as a checkout facility for all systems to be installed in the Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU)
    Altair Ascent

    Altair Ascent Module and Airlock Mockup

    • Full-scale representation of Altair Ascent Module and Airlock
    • Variable diameter cylindrical shells
    • Variable height ceilings
    • Structural supports for sleeping cots and suit don/doff operations
    • Supports a variety of human factors evaluations   
    Altair Tunnel

    Altair Tunnel Test Article

    • Full-scale representation of the Altair Ascent Module-to-Airlock tunnel
    • Adjustable to three lengths
    • Removable hatches
    • Transparent tunnel walls for test photography and videography
    • Engineered for compatibility with reduced-gravity aircraft

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