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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Space Analog Testing

    Desert RATSSpace Analog Testing
    Photo credit: NASA

    Space Analog Testing provides a realistic lunar surface analog to evaluate major systems through integrated sysetms testing involving cargo and human lunar landers, lunar habitats, unpressurized rovers, pressurized rovers, other robotic systems, EVA test subjects, IVA and EVA tools and repair equipment, scientific sample collection equipment, an environment with simulated lunar regolith. This includes excursions of EVA test subjects on foot as well as both pressurized and unpressurized rovers; navigation and communications systems; dark period simulations; and emergency response scenario development and evaluation; and short and long duration testing.

Space Analog Test Facilities

  • Desert RATS

    Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS)

    A coordinated field test demonstration under representative (analog) planetary surface terrain conditions.

  • Mockup Facility

    Mockup Development Facility

    The Mockup Development Facility develops low-to-medium fidelity full-scale mockups of space vehicles and habitats.

  • JSC Lunar and Mars Terrain Analog

    JSC Rockyard

    Provides a large multi-acre test area which simulates general features of the lunar and Martian surface terrain environment consisting of various slopes, grades, simulated craters and strewn rock field conditions.

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