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Test Facilities Guide

Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Integrated Environments Testing and Analysis

    Integrated Test EnvironmentsIntegrated Environments Testing and Analysis
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center Engineering was established for manned space vehicles from early concept to certified spaceflight vehicles and components. The integrated environments facilities test, evaluate, and certify for spaceflight. These facilities and capabilities include thermal vacuum chambers, entry environment testing, electromagnetic testing, hypervelocity impact resistance, mechanical and acoustic vibration, neutral buoyancy laboratory, and others. Our analysis, modeling, and interpretation of test results are unique to the Johnson Space Center and critical to the future of human spaceflight.


    • Launch Dynamics
    • Entry Environments
    • Space Environment (man-made and natural)
    • Thermal Vacuum Chambers
    • Electromagnetic Testing

Integrated Environments Test Facilities

  • Active Response Gravity Offload System

    Designed to simulate reduced gravity environments, such as Lunar, Martian, or microgravity, using an overhead gantry crane system.

  • Air Bearing Floor

    Air Bearing Floor

    A 6,860-square-foot epoxy surface that is used to simulate micro-gravity environments in three dimensions.

  • Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility Test

    Provides EMI/EMC evaluation and certification testing of crew, flight, and ground support equipment.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #E

    Environment Chamber Testing

    Provides vacuum and human-rated vacuum, thermal, and thermal-vacuum chamber test operations for both manned and unmanned test enviroments. Supports a variety of other commercial applications, environmental testing, and pressure systems

  • Integrated Graphics Operations and Analysis Laboratory

    Integrated Graphics Operations and Analysis Laboratory

    Supports Engineering Visualization throughout JSC, additional NASA centers, and other institutions.

  • Desert RATS

    Space Analog Testing

    Provides a realistic lunar surface analog to evaluate major systems through integrated sysetms testing involving cargo and human lunar landers, lunar habitats, unpressurized rovers, pressurized rovers, other robotic systems, EVA test subjects, IVA and EVA tools and repair equipment, scientific sample collection equipment, an environment with simulated lunar regolith.

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