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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Human Space Environment Testing

    JSC Chamber BPhoto credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center has observed hundreds if not thousands of hours of vacuum, thermal, and thermal vacuum test operations. They have collected unique knowledge as to what works well and what doesn’t with these environments. This knowledge can be made available to support spacecraft/space system hardware design reviews as well as test system designs.

    More expertise is available for data system configuration, cryogenics, high pressure oxygen systems and instrumentation on a consultation basis.

Human Space Environment Testing Facilities

  • JSC 11 Foot Chamber

    11 Foot Chamber

    3.4 m diameter x 5.8 m long (11.0 ft x 19.0 ft) with dual airlock compartments of 2.7 m and 3.0 m lengths (9.0 ft and 10.0 ft) used for human testing in a vacuum environment, and for Space Suit development.

  • 20 Foot Chamber

    20 Foot Chamber

    Vacuum chamber with two airlocks, a rapid decompression chamber and removable bulkhead on the outerlock compartment.

  • Chamber B

    Chamber B

    7.6 m (25 ft) diameter x 7.9 m (26 ft) high test facility used for human testing in a vacuum environment, and for crewed space operations testing.

  • Dual Glove Box

    Dual Glove Box Chamber

    Located inside the 11-Foot Chamber outer airlock. The chamber allows the use of dual, elbow-length EMU arms and gloves for test operations and thermal vacuum conditions.

  • ISS Airlock

    ISS Airlock Chamber

    A human-rated, high fidelity, 1-g Airlock facility that provides flight-like simulation of Airlock and EVA operations in pressures ranging from vacuum to 1 atmosphere.

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