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Dual Glove Box Thermal Vacuum Chamber

    Dual Glove Box Chamber
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center’s Dual Glove Box Thermal Vacuum Chamber is located inside the 11-Foot Chamber outer airlock. The chamber allows the use of dual, elbow-length EMU arms and gloves for test operations and thermal vacuum conditions. It provides sufficient working volume to accommodate flight hardware certification/crew training using Class I EMU gloves. A work platform is also available for use in the chamber. Electric strip heaters augment gas-heating capabilities to thermally condition the platform.

    Working Dimensions: 1.1m high x 1.4 m wide x .4m depth (42 in. x 57 in. x 16 in. )
    Features: Human-rated
      Fully integrated Emergency Management System (EMS)
      Thermal shrouds and work surface capable of creating a -300° F to +300° F environment using LN2 /GN2 and electric heaters
      Glove ports that will accommodate EMU gloves/arm bearings (also configurable for other designs)
      Fiberoptic interior lighting (100 lux, 5600K color temperature)
      Interior video monitoring
    Vacuum Capability: 10-5 torr range ultimate pressure
      Roughing - Beach Russ RP-325
      High Vacuum - Beach Russ RP-375/Roots Connersville 10" Blower/ 20" PHPK Cryo Pump
    Access: One Front Hatch : 64 m high x 1.04 m wide (25 in. x 41 in.)
      Two Side Hatches: 1.22 m height x .56 m width (48 in. x 22 in. )

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