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Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility Test Facility

    EMI ChamberElectromagnetic Interference Chamber
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC) Test Facility provides EMI/EMC evaluation and certification testing of crew, flight, and ground support equipment including: Communication, Instrumentation, Biomedical, Guidance and Navigation, Computation, and Robotics.

    EMI/EMC Laboratory Services

    • Flight certification testing
    • Developmental, precertification and performance evaluation testing
    • Conducted and radiated emissions tests
    • Conducted and radiated susceptibility tests
    • Flight hardware and ground support equipment testing
    • Commercial off-the-shelf equipment testing
    • Software control of test parameters, data manipulation and reporting
    • Compliance to strict safety standards

    Robonaut (R2) Undergoes EMI TestingRobonaut (R2) Undergoes EMI Testing
    Photo credit: NASA

    EMI/EMC Test Equipment

    Shielded room enclosures Meet military standard MIL STD 285
    Synthesized signal generators Capable of covering a frequency range of
    10 Hz to 26 GHz
    Radio frequency power amplifiers Provide up to 500W of output power in the
    frequency range of 10 kHz to 18 GHz
    Transient generator and
    support probes
    Provide test waveforms 1, 3A, 3B, 4 and
    5A for lightning indirect effects testing up to
    level 3
    Electrostatic discharge
    test equipment
    Provides standard ESD test waveforms up
    to 30kV peak pulse voltage
    Complete line of general purpose
    ancillary test equipment
    Power supplies, oscilloscopes, power
    meters, voltmeters
    Hi-fidelity EMC Modeling Software General purpose 3-dimensional
    electromagnetic modeling

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