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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory

    Computer Cluster – Computational Electromagnetics LaboratoryComputer Cluster - Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) Laboratory is used for full-wave, frequency domain electromagnetic simulations. It has been used to support Shuttle, ISS, Constellation, and commercial entities such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation. The lab houses a computer cluster that currently contains 476 processors and 1.95 TB of RAM. The CEM software being used is a government use code called GEMINI (Generalized ElectroMagnetic INteractIons), which is being developed at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

    3D Optical Scanner – Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory3D Optical Scanner - Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory
    Photo credit: NASA

    Computer Electromagnetic Modeling Test Equipment

    • Computer Cluster (476 processors, 1.95 TB of RAM)
    • 3D optical scanner for creating CAD models

    CEM Laboratory Services

    • General 3D, frequency domain electromagnetic analysis
    • Design and development of microwave devices and antennas
    • Near-field and far-field analysis
    • Radar cross-section calculations
    • Antenna coupling analysis
    • Verification of microwave and antenna measurements.

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