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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Altitude/Environmental/Space Testing Facilities

    JSC Chamber AChamber A
    Photo credit: NASA

    Altitude/Environmental/Space Testing provides vacuum, thermal, and thermal-vacuum chamber test operations for both manned and unmanned test enviroments. Johnson Space Center's expertise and facilities supports a variety of other commercial applications, environmental testing, and pressure systems design. JSC also supports a variety of other commercial applications, environmental testing, and pressure systems design, including:

    • Materials outgassing evaluations
    • Accelerated Electrical/Electronic components burn-ins and life cycle testing
    • Environmental cycling (thermal/humidity) for materials survivability
    • Materials and hardware testing in extreme environments (manned/unmanned)
    • Data system configuration, cryogenics, high pressure oxygen systems, vacuum systems, test facilities and instrumentation design on a consultation basis.

Altitude/Environmental/Space Testing Facilities

  • Eight Foot Chamber

    8 Foot Chamber

    Primarily used with a "Canned Man" (i.e., a machine to simulate a human metabolism) to test Portable Life Support Systems.

  • JSC Chamber A

    Chamber A

    A 16.8 m (55 ft) diameter x 27.4 m (90 ft) high, thermal-vacuum test facility. Its usable test volume and high-fidelity space simulation capabilities are adaptable for thermal-vacuum testing of a wide variety of test articles, including entire space vehicles.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #E

    Chamber E

    Second largest chamber in the laboratory. Is also designed for relatively large gas loads at high vacuum.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #G

    Chamber G

    Small, high vacuum bakeable chamber equipped with cold walls.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #H

    Chamber H

    Programmable-temperature enclosure for large test articles.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #I

    Chamber I

    High-vacuum pumping station normally configured with a bell jar.

  • JSC Chamber K

    Chamber K

    Temperature enclosure which is programmable by means of a computerized controller.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #L

    Chamber L

    .76 m3 (27 ft3) chamber which can be used to control temperature and humidity.

  • Chamber N - Thermal/Vacuum

    Chamber N

    Medium-sized high-vacuum chamber with cold walls.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #P

    Chamber P

    Medium-sized chamber with thermal-vacuum capabilities. Vacuum is provided by a mechanical pump and one turbo-molecular pump.

  • JSC Chamber Suite #T

    Chamber T

    Programmable-temperature enclosure.

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