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Chamber P

    JSC Chamber PChamber P
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center's Chamber P is a medium-sized chamber with vacuum capabilities and a heated shroud, making it a suitable candidate for hardware bakeouts . Vacuum is provided by a mechanical pump and one a turbo-molecular pump. Heating is provided by a thermal shroud with heater strips. A liquid nitrogen scavenger plate is used to remove contaminants while at reduced pressure.


    Working Dimensions: 5 ft diameter x 4 ft deep
    Types of pumps: 1 roughing pump, 1 turbomolecular pump
    Pumpdown Time: 1 hour
    Usable Features Totally automated for unattended off-gassing of materials; remotely controlled; scavenger plate for collecting contaminants; turbo-molecular pump; sample bomb interface for outgas material collection and analysis

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