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8 Foot Chamber

    8 Foot Chamber8 Foot Chamber
    Photo credit: NASA

    Johnson Space Center's 8 Foot Chamber is primarily used with a "Canned Man" (i.e., a machine to simulate a human metabolism) to test Portable Life Support Systems. "Canned Man" Simulators are used primarily to provide controlled metabolic loading to life support systems under evaluation and for parametric testing. The chamber has two oil flooded sliding vane pumps and two Roots blowers backed by a 28m3/min (1000 cfm) oil flooded sliding vane pump. The pump-down and repress cycles are both controllable.

    Physical Dimensions (Chamber): 2.4 m diameter x 4.3 m long (8.0 ft x 14.0 ft), 19.8 m3 (700 ft3) volume
    Physical dimensions (Airlock): : 2.4 m diameter x 0.9 m (8.0 ft x 3.0 ft)
    Access (to chamber) 2.4 m diameter (8.0 ft) door (through airlock) 0.7 m x 1.5 m (2.3 ft x 4.8 ft) door
    Vacuum: 1 x 102 torr (1 Pa) (equivalent to 76,200 m or 250,000 ft altitude)

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