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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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Audio Development Laboratory

    Audio Development Laboratory
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Audio Development Laboratory (ADL) consists of acoustic test facilities and supporting equipment for testing and development of audio communications and electro-acoustic systems and equipment. The ADL provides an acoustic test environment utilizing a reverberation chamber, anechoic chamber, and quiet room.

    Services Provided
    • Development, engineering evaluation, and acceptance testing of electro-acoustic and audio processing equipment, including earphones, microphones, headsets, audio codecs, and audio distribution systems
    • Audio and acoustic research and development, including acoustic-based sensors, speech synthesis, speech recognition, and emerging voice technologies
    • Development of audio communication equipment

    Testing Facilities

    Reverberation Chamber
    Provides uniform simulated acoustic environments for performance testing electro-acoustic devices, such as earphones with passive noise attenuation and noise canceling microphones. A 15’ by 8’ pentagonal-shaped volume ensures a diffuse-acoustic environment. The facility also provides testing at Sound Pressure Level (SPL) ranges of 125 dB SPL 30 to 500 Hz and 115 dB SPL 500 to 8 kHz.

    Anechoic Chamber
    A 15’ x 15’ x 15’ chamber provides a free field acoustic noise environment for testing microphone, earphone, and loudspeaker performance and characterizing acoustic emission sources.

    Quiet Room
    A 16’ x 16’ x 16’ chamber provides a low acoustic noise environment for audio recording and subjective audio performance testing.

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