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Kedalion Laboratory

    Kedalion LaboratorySimulation Graphics Displays and Cockpit Station 
    Photo credit: NASA

    The Kedalion Laboratory is the Engineering Directorate’s engineering analysis environment for the NASA Orion Flight Software (FSW) team to conduct insight/oversight testing and analysis of Lockheed Martin’s Orion FSW deliverables and avionics designs. The lab contains flight-like flight computer processors, developmental and formal FSW releases, high-fidelity 6-degree-of-freedom closed-loop simulations,  Kedalion LaboratoryFlight Processors from Pad Abort 1
    Photo Credit: NASA
    human-in-the-loop hand controllers and display units, high-definition graphics simulation displays, full software development tool suites and a variety of GN&C sensor hardware stimulators.  The hardware stimulators include the Rate Table (used to impart angular rates to a mounted inertial measurement unit, commensurate with the closed-loop simulations), the GPS Signal Generator (use to actual GPS RF signals to GPS receiver hardware, commensurate with the closed-loop simulations) and a tie to the nearby Optics Lab’s Star Stimulator (which can generate simulated star fields for testing Star Tracker sensing).

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