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JSC Human Spaceflight Capabilities

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Johnson Space Center looks forward to supporting a new era in commercial spaceflight. As commercial partnerships assume an increasing role in spaceflight development and operations, we have the opportunity to leverage our national investments and capabilities to ensure mission success. Our goal is to provide the forum to cultivate relationships and explore opportunities with organizations interested in commercial crew transportation and suborbital flight activities. We would like to share the knowledge, expertise, capabilities and services that Johnson Space Center can provide in support of commercial spaceflight ventures.
We invite you to explore Johnson Space Center's world-class expertise and capabilities, including an established infrastructure, unique engineering facilities, integrated project management, safety and risk analysis, human habitability, health and performance expertise, and proven design, development, testing and operation of complex systems designed for extreme environments. We are committed to helping you leverage our expertise and capabilities to meet your goals.

Human Spaceflight Capabilities

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