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Prologue: 'The Adventure Begins'
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In December of 2003, I received word from the head of the Astronaut Office, Kent Rominger, that I was being considered for placement into the International Space Station (ISS) training flow for future consideration as a possible crewmember. After consulting with my wife Susan, we agreed that the time was right … I was to begin my training in January of 2004.

JSC2004E48382 -- Astronaut Clayton AndersonImage at right: Official NASA portrait of astronaut Clayton Anderson

I am now living part-time in Star City, Russia, about 45 miles northeast of Moscow, training at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), named for Russia's hero Yuri A. Gagarin, the first man to ever venture into space.

For those of you now reading this, many may recall my "escapades" (here's where Clay would give a big "thumbs" up!) with the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 5 mission this past summer (June/July 2003) in the Aquarius Underwater Habitat off the coast of Key Largo, Fla. During that two-week underwater expedition, I chronicled my/our 'adventures' with several journal entries.

I am going to attempt to do that here from Star City and in Houston throughout my training flow and, God willing, maybe completion of an actual Space Station mission some day! It is my hope that through these journals, those of you whom I consider near and dear to my heart might understand a bit more about what adventures may transpire in the realization of the dream of a small town boy from Nebraska.

So, let the adventure begin!