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White Sands Test Facility

John P. McManamen, Manager, White Sands Test Facility

WSTF is responsible for management, administration, engineering, technical support, and operations in support of development and qualification testing of spacecraft propulsion/power systems and components; screening and certification tests to comprehensively evaluate the applicability of aerospace materials, components, and integrated assemblies for use in their intended environment; testing of experiments and systems involving explosives or other hazardous elements requiring an isolated location or large deployment area; and precision cleaning, refurbishment, assembly, and certification testing of components and systems for spacecraft or ground-based applications which employ highly reactive or toxic fluids.

In addition, WSTF operates the alternate orbiter landing and approach training facility at White Sands Space Harbor (WSSH) and acts as range coordinator and on-site manager for selected agency programs accomplished at White Sands Missile Range or Holloman Air Force Base.

The WSTF Manager serves as the senior JSC official interfacing with local and state governments and other area groups on subjects relating to NASA and WSTF in particular.

The Manager, WSTF, reports to the JSC Director.

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White Sands Test Facility

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