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International Space Station Program Office

Michael T. Suffredini, Manager, Space Station Program Office

JSC is the lead center for the design, construction, and operation of the International Space Station. The first phase of the program was accomplished with valuable experience and knowledge being gained by American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts working together aboard the Russian Mir Space Station.

The International Space Station Program brings together the work of NASA, its prime contractor, Boeing, and its partners, the European Space Agency, Canada, Japan and Russia, as well as private companies in all of those countries, as they design, build and use a permanent research outpost in low-Earth orbit.

The Shuttle and Space Station Program Offices also coordinate program activities at other NASA centers including the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where launch, processing and recovery are managed; the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, where transportation systems are designed and microgravity science is developed; the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, where propulsion systems are tested, and Ames Research Center in California, where astrobiology experiments are prepared.

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Space Station Program Office
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