The Johnson Space Center workforce is divided into a number of organizations. These organizations, listed alphabetically by mail code, are further subdivided into smaller functional groups such as divisions and branches.

For a different view of JSC's top-level organizations, take a look at the Graphical Organization Chart (PDF 310 Kb).

AA - Office of the Director
JSC Director Ellen Ochoa plans, organizes and directs all activities required to accomplish the missions assigned to JSC.
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AB - Office of the Deputy Director
JSC Deputy Director Stephen J. Altemus shares the responsibilities of the Director and serves as acting director when necessary. TBD

AB - Office of the Associate Director (Technical)
James M. Heflin serves as JSC's Associate Director (Technical).

AB - Chief Technologist
Douglas Terrier serves as JSC's Chief Technologist.

AC - Office of the Associate Director (Management)
JSC Associate Director Melanie W. Saunders is responsible for all institutional activities at JSC and the White Sands Test Facility, N.M.

AC - Chief of Staff

AD - External Relations
As the Director of External Relations, Michael A. Kincaid oversees the functions of Community Relations, Education, Public Affairs, and University Research.

AH - Human Resources Office
The Human Resources Office, headed by Director Natalie V. Saiz, is responsible for planning and implementing a human resources program.

AJ - Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, headed by Director Deborah H. Urbanski, plans, directs and administers all Federal Equal Opportunity Programs related to JSC employees.
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AL - Legal Office
The Legal Office, headed by Chief Counsel Bernard J. Roan, provides in-depth legal support to the center's activities, including satellite installations and offices.
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AM - Performance Management and Integration Office
Dorothy S. Rasco serves as the Director of the Performance Management and Integration Office.

AO - Strategic Opportunities & Partnership Development
Yolanda Y. Marshall serves as the Director of Strategic Opportunities & Partnership Development.

BA - Office of Procurement
The Office of Procurement, headed by Director Debra L. Johnson, provides matrixed business management support for JSC as an institution and, individually, for the program/project offices and directorates.
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CA - Flight Crew Operations Directorate
The Flight Crew Operations Directorate, headed by Director Janet L. Kavandi, is responsible for overall planning, direction and management of flight crew operations and JSC aircraft program activities.
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DA - Mission Operations Directorate
The Mission Operations Directorate, headed by Director Paul Hill, plans, directs, manages and implements overall mission operations including the space shuttle and space station programs.

EA - Engineering Directorate
The Engineering Directorate, headed by Director Lauri N. Hansen, is responsible for providing engineering design, development and test support for space flight programs assigned to JSC, such as the space shuttle, space station and advanced spacecraft.
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JA - Center Operations Directorate
The Center Operations Directorate, headed by Director Joel B. Walker, is responsible for ensuring the availability of facilities and services necessary for the operation of JSC.
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KA - Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Office
Eileen K. Stansbery serves as the Director of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Office.

NA - Safety and Mission Assurance Office
The Safety and Mission Assurance Office, headed by Director William S. McArthur, develops and implements an effective and integrated occupational health, industrial safety and environmental program for JSC.
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RA - White Sands Test Facility
The White Sands Test Facility, headed by Manager John P. McManamen, is responsible for management, administration, engineering, technical support and operations in support of development and qualification testing of spacecraft propulsion/power systems and components.
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SA - Space Life Sciences Directorate
The Space Life Sciences Directorate, headed by Director Jeffrey R. Davis, manages a broad range of applied and basic scientific research, related ground and flight experiments and investigations, and flight crew interfacing hardware and systems.
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VA - Commercial Crew Program

XA - EVA Office
The EVA Office, headed by Manager Glenn C. Lutz, is responsible for planning and activities relating to on-orbit extravehicular activities, or space walks.
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YA - Human Exploration Development Support Office
Jeffrey M. Hanley serves as Director of JSC's Human Exploration Development Support Office.

Direct Reports to Headquarters

GA - Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program
The Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program is headed by Manager Mark S. Geyer. He reports directly to NASA Headquarters.

HA - Space Shuttle Transition & Retirement
Dorothy S. Rasco serves as Manager of Space Shuttle Transition & Retirement. She reports directly to NASA Headquarters.

IA - Information Resources and Chief Information Officer
The Information Resources Directorate, headed by Director and Chief Information Officer Larry N. Sweet, is responsible for implementing Center and Agency information resources initiatives. Sweet reports directly to NASA Headquarters.
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LA - Chief Financial Officer
Dorothy E. Swanson serves as the Chief Financial Officer for JSC. Swanson reports directly to NASA Headquarters.

OA - International Space Station Program Office
The International Space Station Program Office, headed by Manager Michael T. Suffredini, is responsible for design, construction and utilization of the International Space Station. Suffredini reports directly to NASA Headquarters.
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QA - Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office
Alan J. Lindenmoyer serves as the Manager of the Commercial Crew/Cargo Program Office. Lindenmoyer reports directly to NASA Headquarters.

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