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Useful Links @ NASA HQ

Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel reports to the NASA Administrator and to Congress. The Panel's staff and support are provided by the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA).

Directives Library (NODIS)
A complete library for NASA Policy Directives (NPD's) and NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR's).

Environmental Management
The Environmental Management Division serves as Agency lead in assuring that NASA meets its Federal stewardship responsibilities and achieves sustainability while carrying out its primary mission of understanding and protecting our home planet, exploring the Universe and searching for life, and inspiring the next generation of explorers.

Equal Opportunity Programs
The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (OD & EO) helps create an environment where all persons associated with NASA are treated fairly and without any forms of unlawful discrimination in any Agency program or activity.

Integrated Enterprise Management Program (IEMP)
An agency-wide transformation of NASA's business systems and processes to improve NASA's fiscal and management accountability.

Internal Controls and Management Systems
Efforts to improve the effectiveness, integration, and use of NASA management systems.

International and Interagency Relations
The Office of International and Interagency (OIIR) is a Mission Support Office that serves as the coordinator of all NASA international cooperative and reimbursable activities and partnerships.

NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)
An Agency-wide technical resource focused on engineering excellence.

NASA History
Since its inception in 1958, NASA has accomplished many great scientific and technological feats in air and space.

Human Capital Management
Keeping pace with the changing demands of NASA's work and its workforce is a primary focus of the Office of Human Resources in maintaining NASA's position as an employer of choice.

Innovative Partnerships Program
The Innovative Partnership Program (IPP) website encompasses the websites operated by NASA's national network of programs, organizations and services sponsored by and affiliated with the IPP at NASA Headquarters.

Inspector General
The NASA Office of the Inspector General serves as an independent and objective audit and investigative organization to assist NASA by performing audits and investigations.

Language Assistance (PDF - 727 KB)
The intent of the Language Assistance Plan (LAP) is to make accessible NASA publications, Web sites, videos, etc., with the greatest public distribution. The use of the LAP is consistent with the NASA commitment to keep the American public informed of all of its programs and activities.

NASA Advisory Council (NAC)
The NAC provides the NASA Administrator with counsel and advice on NASA programs and issues.

Office of the Chief Information Officer
NASA's Chief Information Officer is leading a significant transformation of the NASA Information Technology (IT) management model to better enable NASA’s mission by integrating people, processes, technology, and information.
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Scientific & Technical Information
The Scientific & Technical Information (STI) website helps you locate, obtain, and publish NASA aerospace information and find national and international information pertinent to your research and mission.

NASA's Strategic Planning and Performance
NASA Strategic Management & Planning.

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