Frozen: Cold Matters
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Goddard's New 'Science On a Sphere' Movie Opens Nationwide This Spring

In an era when change itself seems to be the subject holding people's attention, NASA presents a spectacular new movie that depicts the changing Earth. Called "Frozen," this film introduces the idea of our transitioning home planet in ways that have never been seen before.

"Frozen" brings Earth to life, projecting images of our planet onto completely spherical movie screens hanging in the center of darkened theaters. Turning in space, images on the screen become a portal onto a virtual planet, complete with churning, swirling depictions of huge natural forces moving below. "Frozen" showcases the global cryosphere, those places on Earth where temperatures don't generally rise above water's freezing point. As one of the most directly observable climate gauges, the changing cryosphere serves as a proxy for larger themes.

"Frozen" opens around the country and in several locations around the world on March 27, 2009. For a partial list of Science On a Sphere theaters, click here.