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Gerald Soffen Lecture Series: Dr. Michael Mumma

The Search for Life on Mars

Mike Mumma Image courtesy Dr. Mumma For centuries, Mars has been regarded as a possible abode for life. Serious searches for the signatures of life began with the 19th century work of Percival Lowell and continue today with telescopic investigations and landed missions. While early work focused on phenomenology and bordered on fantasy, modern scientific inquiry has emphasized the search for biomarker gases on Mars and the search for chemical signatures of life in the soil and rocks at the planet’s surface.

Join us at the Goddard Visitor Center for the inauguration of the Gerald Soffen Lecture Series on Thursday, October 13. Michael J. Mumma of the Solar System Exploration Division at Goddard Space Flight Center’s Center for Astrobiology will kick off the series with a lecture on "The Search for Life on Mars."

During his 30-year NASA career, Dr. Gerald Soffen (1926-2000) led the science team for NASA's Viking program, was Director of Life Sciences at NASA Headquarters, Project scientist for NASA's Earth Observing System, and created NASA Academy, NASA's premiere leadership training internship. The Viking 2 lander was posthumously named after Dr. Soffen and a crater on Mars was named "Soffen." He was best known, however, for his passion for inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and the lecture will start promptly at 7 p.m. Space is limited. Please register in advance by using the form below. Directions to Goddard's Visitor Center can be found here.

Registration for this past event is no longer available.