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April 19, 2001

This Planet Earth:  The Vision and Majesty of NASA's Remote Sensing Legacy

Special Thanks to Dr. Jon Ranson, Terra Project Scientist and Darrel Williams, Landsat Project Scientist.

Portions of this multimedia presentation includes material
© Space Imaging L.P.

The Official Reproduction Guidelines for Use of NASA Images and Emblems

This multimedia project is the work of a dedicated team of researchers, animators, and media specialists. A detailed companion video to this web site is available from NASA-TV. Below are a list of agencies, departments, and researchers who provided expertise and data for this production:

NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Scientific Visualization Studio
Television Production NASA-TV/GSFC
GSFC Studio 13

Content Preparation & Project Production: Michael Starobin
GSFC Public Affairs Contact: Wade Sisler
Web Content Manager: Lynn Jenner

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