NASA Nobel Laureate Presents "The Story of the Universe"
Screenshot of interactive feature: The Story of the Universe by John Mather In this interactive, navigable video player, Dr. John Mather presents his hour-long lecture on the story of the universe, from the Big Bang to the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
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Greenbelt, Md. -- NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center presents “The Story of the Universe” as told by NASA scientist and 2006 Nobel laureate Dr. John Mather. In this new Web interactive, Mather discusses his humble beginnings on a farm in Sussex County, New Jersey, what it was like to win the coveted Nobel Prize in Physics and how he feels about his work on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Members of the Goddard multimedia team have created a Web video browser that provides viewers with a virtual seat in the lecture hall. Listen in as Mather presents a history lesson spanning more than 13 billion years about the formation of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and life. The story also describes the accomplishments of modern astronomy pioneer Galileo Galilei, Edwin Hubble, and Albert Einstein, whose discoveries lent support to the Big Bang theory.

But this is no typical lecture. Through the use of video chapter navigation, you are in control. At your own pace, jump from topics like “The Center of the Universe,” or “How Did We Get Here?” to “Dark Matter/Dark Energy” and others. Still not satisfied? The interactive also includes supporting materials and links to sites where you can dig even deeper.

NASA’s first civil servant to receive the Nobel Prize, Dr. John Mather, and his telling of ‘The Story of the Universe’, are available for you now at http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/mather/.

Dewayne Washington
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center