Goddard on Display at U-Md. Open House
Md. Day visitors at a Goddard booth Maryland Day guests receive NASA stickers, posters and other fun materials. Visitors also participated in science experiments at a nearby tent. Credit: NASA/Pat Izzo
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Md. Day visitors at a Goddard booth University of Maryland President Dan Mote receives a glass globe with a depiction of the Hubble Space Telescope inside from Goddard Deputy Director Dr. Laurie Leshin. Credit: NASA/Pat Izzo
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children examine an LRO model Two children inspect a model of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as Goddard's Oscar Hsu answers their questions in a tent near the university's Math and Engineering buildings. Credit: NASA/Pat Izzo
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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center was well represented at Maryland Day festivities on April 25 at the nearby campus of the University of Maryland in College Park.

The annual event, now in its 11th year, highlights the state's and university's contributions by having a day of free activities open to the public.

This year marked the first partnership between the center and the university for Maryland Day, which routinely draws in tens of thousands of guests.

Goddard employees showed off models of the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes, at the university's Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility, a 50-foot-wide and 25-foot-deep tank that allows researchers to simulate the weightless conditions experienced in space. Also on display were tools and other equipment that will be used on the upcoming servicing mission to Hubble, scheduled for next month.

Goddard Public Affairs staffers were out on the university's McKeldin Mall to hand out NASA stickers, posters and other materials. They also operated a digital photo booth to create "spacesuit" photographs of campus visitors.

At a nearby tent, families could watch and participate in science demonstrations that highlighted upcoming Goddard missions.

Later in the day, University of Maryland President Dr. Dan Mote visited the Goddard displays escorted by Dr. Laurie Leshin, Goddard's deputy director for Science and Technology.

A record-breaking crowd visited the campus with more than 400 projects and programs on display overall. “Goddard community members were excited to show their neighbors what we do,” said Phillina Peete-Tookes, an organizer for Goddard’s participation. “This was another opportunity for Marylanders to feel proud about Goddard’s continuing work to improve life on Earth.”

Other missions represented included the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Solar Dynamics Observatory, Messenger, DREAM, EPOXI and members of Goddard’s Heliophysics Science Division. Project members were on hand to discuss these missions with Maryland Day guests. Goddard Earth sciences also provided materials for the day.

Representing Goddard were members of the Office of Community and Government Relations, Public Affairs and Education.
Dewayne Washington and Robert Garner
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center