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2007 Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun Webcast
2007 Webcast Description

Promo for the Sun Earth day webcastOn February 22 2007, the NASA Digital Learning Network will host the Sun-Earth Day webcast for "Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun". We will link-up with the Goddard Space Flight Center, Langley, and Parkland Magnet School in Maryland to discuss the Sun's impact on the entire Solar System, Moon, Mars and Beyond. You will see student created "Space Weather Reports" and learn how you can participate in creating them yourself. You will also find a brief explanation of solar wind including an in depth look at the heliosphere.

How to view the Webcast

On the day of the webcast you can go directly to the NASA Digital Learning Network link here. If you have trouble getting to the Sun-Earth Day web site on the day of the webcast, be sure you have bookmarked this link so that you can go directly to the webcast.

Specific webcast information on the DLN

Webcast Air Time:
Start: 1:00 pm ET
End: 2:00 pm ET

Guest scientists and educators:
Eric Christian, NASA HQ heliosphere and Voyager Mission
Rich Vondrak, NASA Goddard (Solar Wind on Earth and Moon)
Jim Thieman, NASA Goddard (Jupiter)
Dave Hamilton, NASA Langley Atmospheric Scientist
Peter Smith, Univ. of AZ (Mars)

Elaine Lewis
Goddard Space Flight Center