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Astro-E2 Launch Preparations
Image of the rocket that will carry Astro-E2

Image above: The rocket comes out of its hole, sees its shadow, and goes back in. This is the first test of the launcher with the rocket and spacecraft assembled and ready to fly. The tests done at this stage include a check of the air conditioning system that keeps the satellite cool in the Kyushu heat. They also test the removal of the air conditioning vent, which will happen 5 minutes before launch.

UPDATED:The Astro-E2 satellite is scheduled to launch from Uchinoura, Japan no earlier than July 10, 2005 Japan Time (July 9, 2005 Eastern Time). To find out the latest launch information, please visit the mission website. To watch a live webcast of this launch, please visit http://isas.tv and click on the 'Astro-E II' button beneath the 'Live' section in the lower left corner of the page.

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