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On this page you will find support visuals for the July 8 media event, "Blast Wave Blows Through the Solar System."

Reporters are invited to participate in the teleconference by calling: 888-913-9967; password: JULY 8TH SOLAR EVENT

If you experience any problems dialing in, please call: 202-358-1544.

For further information after the media event, please contact: Public Affairs Officer, James Sahli, or TV Producer Rachel Weintraub.

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Additional Media Materials & Links

Views of the Sun

Image of a Coronal Mass Ejection  Image of a Coronal Mass Ejection

Quicktime version (1.21 MB)         |             Quicktime version (1.22 MB)

Both of these views were taken with the SOHO spacecraft.
More on the 10/28 flares

Views of the Earth

Sampex image image from POLAR satellite map showing solar radiation
Click on image to view movie. Rollover image with mouse to see before and after effects.
  Polar image 1 |
Polar image 2
Click on image to enlarge.

Left: SAMPEX movie provides a view of the intensity and the extent of the solar energetic particles in Earth's upper atmosphere during the October storms. Credit: NASA / LASP. Center: Views of aurora on Oct. 29 from the Polar spacecraft. Credit: NASA. Right: Chart issued by FAA on Oct. 28 showing an assessment of the extent of penetrating radiation from the heliopshere entering through the polar caps. Media questions specifically related to this should be directed to either John Clabes or Roland Herwig, 405-954-7500. Credit: FAA

Previous Jovian and Saturn Auroras

image of a Jupiter aurora image of a Jovian Aurora image of an aurora on Saturn

Like Earth, the magnetic fields of Jupiter and Saturn funnel charged particles released from the Sun onto the poles. Credit: NASA

Images of Spacecraft and Planets

High Resolution Image of MARIE/Mars Odyssey & Mars

High Resolution Image of Ulysses & Jupiter

High Resolution Image of Cassini & Saturn

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