NASA Invites Elementary Students and their Families to Gear Up for NASA Engineering!
GREENBELT, Md. -- Do you have elementary school students? If the answer is yes, you are invited to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Visitor Center on Sunday, September 19 from 1–3:00 p.m. for a free afternoon of eye-opening, hands-on activities exploring NASA’s engineering at its best!

Students will discover the ins and outs of some of NASA’s most exciting missions while engaging in several activities geared towards NASA’s breakthrough engineering. Presentations on NASA science will be held in the fascinating GeoDome and the captivating Science on a Sphere presentation will provide insights to the many aspects of NASA engineering and technology.

The Sunday Experiment, held the third Sunday of each month from September through May, features activities showcasing the NASA Center's world-renowned science and engineering research and technological developments. Families leave inspired by the hands-on activities, wowed by the scientists and engineers, and excited about Goddard’s revolutionary research and technology.

"The Sunday Experiment is a place where children and adults alike can discover the excitement of Goddard through fun and easy hands-on activities," said Emilie Drobnes, founder of Sunday Experiment. "You get to act like scientists and engineers while building all types of little rockets and hover-crafts, designing your own planets and stars, and even trying your hand at being part of the human spaceflight program."

In addition to celebrating all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the Sunday Experiment celebrates major science missions that are managed by Goddard and set to launch in the near future.

For more information on the Sunday Experiment, visit Goddard's Visitor Center Web page at:

Goddard Release No. 10-081

Christina Coleman
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Cetner, Greenbelt, Md.