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NASA Astronaut and Scientist Meet with Providence Students
NASA kicks off the newly established NASA Explorer Schools partnership with Oliver Hazard Perry Middle School, Providence, R.I., with presentations by a NASA astronaut and a scientist. For access to the event, media should contact Michelle Jones in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center public affairs office at (301) 286-8102.

What: Student assembly
When: 8:45 am, 10:00 am, and 1:00pm, April 11, 2006
Who: Steve Bowen, NASA astronaut, Johnson Space Center
Dr. Jim Garvin, NASA chief scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Where: Oliver Hazzard Perry Middle School, Providence, R.I.

NASA astronaut Steve Bowen and Dr. Jim Garvin, NASA chief scientist of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., will speak with students about careers in aeronautics and space exploration. Bowen is serving in technical assignments at the Johnson Space Center in the Astronaut Office Station Operation Branch until assigned to a space flight. Dr. Garvin is a PhD in planetary geological sciences.

The NASA Explorer Schools Program provides schools with classroom resources and innovative technology based on NASA's missions and discoveries. During the three-year partnership, NASA helps schools address science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and geography needs. Oliver Perry Hazard Middle School was selected as a NASA Explorer School beginning in academic year 2005-2006.

For information about the NASA Explorer Schools Program on the Internet, visit: + NASA Explorer Schools Program

Michelle Jones
Goddard Space Flight Center