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NASA Officials Say No Chemicals Released During Incident at Goddard
NASA Goddard officials have announced that an incident on April 8, 2008, in a building at Goddard did not involve a chemical spill or release of any hazardous material. Managers believe that a malfunction in the high volume air conditioning system caused humidity to vent and a condensation cloud to form.

The incident took place in Building 5 in the electro-plating lab where technicians put specialized coatings on metals for spaceflight thermal control. At approximately 4:30 p.m., an employee in the lab saw a white cloud and placed a call to 911.

Employees were immediately evacuated from the building. Two people initially reported as missing were located and found to be unharmed.

Upon arrival emergency teams suited up and entered the building to investigate the nature of the incident. Subsequently it was determined that at no time were personnel in any danger and in fact that no chemical spill or release of any hazardous material had taken place.

Following inspection of the area, an all clear was given shortly before 8 p.m.

Edward Campion
Goddard Space Flight Center