Maintaining the Momentum After Fifty Years
Sustainable Space Exploration is the theme of the 47th Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium, which will be held March 10 -12 at the Greenbelt, Marriott Hotel. The full range of space exploration will be presented and discussed: human and robotic exploration, science and technology, policy and budgetary, human capital and education, outreach, commercial, and international.

Speakers and panels composed of government, industrial and academic leaders will discuss both how space exploration can be sustained and how the capabilities to explore space sustain life and economic activity on Earth. In addition, the new President’s Science Advisor and the NASA Administrator have been invited to open each day’s session with a plenary talk.

This symposium will also recognize “Yesterday’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality,” in honor of NASA Goddard’s 50 years of advances in Earth and space science, and robotic space flight.

All GSFC Civil Servants will be admitted to the presentations without charge, upon showing a GSFC badge. [There will be a charge for the symposium lunches.]

Please join us March 10 -12 for the 47th Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium. For more information and the current agenda, please visit:

Dewayne Washington
Goddard Space Flight Center