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Experience Mars Rover's Landing from the Goddard Visitor Center
An artist's concept illustrates what the Mars rover Curiosity will look like on Mars.

Artist concept of Curiosity rover credit NASA/JPL-Caltech.

NOTE: This event's registration capacity has been reached. No new registrations will be accepted.

Witness history at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s Visitor Center. On Aug. 6, 2012, from midnight until 3:30 a.m., experience a live landing event as the Mars rover Curiosity touches down on the Red Planet.

This exciting, free event, intended for adults and families with high school-aged children, will feature live NASA TV footage of the MSL control room, presentations about the Goddard-built Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) suite of instruments onboard the rover, and exciting multimedia about SAM and the Mars Science Laboratory mission, such as “7 Minutes of Terror.”

Engaging exhibits include a Curiosity model and examples of rocks like ones Curiosity might find on Mars. Gaze at the night sky through telescopes. Talk to a NASA scientist or engineer. Immerse yourself in a 3-D Mars image gallery.

Also enjoy the ongoing Visitor Center exhibits, including mesmerizing presentations on the stunning Science On a Sphere and a Gemini capsule model.

For more information on SAM and NASA’s exploration of Mars, visit: http://ssed.gsfc.nasa.gov/sam and http://www.nasa.gov/mars. Visit the Goddard Visitor Center website for directions and more information.