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NASA - NASA Center Will Develop Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft
May 12, 2006

NASA announced Monday Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., will manage the design and development of four satellites for the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission.

The decision to develop the spacecraft at Goddard allows close integration of project management, science and engineering. It will also use the center's engineering and scientific workforce that will partner with other commercial organizations.

The mission will employ four spacecraft to make coordinated, high- resolution observations of fundamental plasma physical processes in the Earth's magnetosphere, the region of space closest to the planet. The satellites are scheduled to launch in 2013. Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, was selected in May 2005 to provide the instruments.

Magnetospheric Multiscale is the fourth investigation in the Solar Terrestrial Probes Program. The program is managed by Goddard for the Heliophysics Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. For information about the Solar Terrestrial Probes Program, visit: + Solar Terrrestrial Probes Program


Erica Hupp
Headquarters, Washington, DC

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