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Crescent view of Jupiter with word Largest superimposed.

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Out of This World News: Jupiter

Impact 2009!!

A brown scar marks the spot where a comet or an asteroid struck Jupiter in July 2009.

What hit Jupiter on July 19, 2009? An amateur astronomer discovers the impact scar and all eyes turn to Jupiter.

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When Storms Collide

A new red spot appears on Jupiter

A third red spot appears on Jupiter joining the Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr.

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Celestial Lighthouse

Ultra violet image of Jupiter's aurora with moon footprints of Io, Ganymede and Europa.

Like Earth, Jupiter experiences aurora at the poles due to its strong magnetic field.

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Zap! Cloud to Cloud Lightning

Two images of lightning strikes on Jupiter

What causes lightning on Jupiter and how strong is it?

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Jupiter's Ring Formation Theories Confirmed

Jupiter has a faint ring system with four main components: the halo ring, the main ring, and the two gossamer rings.

How did Jupiter's Rings form and why aren't they more visible, like Saturn's?

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Jupiter's Dynamic Atmosphere

Photo of Jupiter with the wind velocities superimposed. The vertical black line equals zero wind speed.

How does Jupiter get its striped atmosphere?

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